From the book - I hate the way I look.

Dealing with your inner 'cry baby'

“From today it’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel about your looks”

Just as the mind creates positive thoughts, it can create negative thoughts. The mind can create hatred for the body and face, and “you” as a human being, based on how you feel about what you see in yourself.

“The mind is like a baby with wants and needs”.   

I call this the “Self-loathing cry baby” Cry baby for short. Visualise a cartoon baby crying and howling for attention, what is it wearing, boy or girl, how loud is it crying?

This is your own self-loathing cry baby, and yes, we all have one, some are louder than others. Everyone hears the self-loathing cry baby at parts of their life, no matter how young/old you are.

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Sending peace, love and happiness to your soul.


Just for today

From the book - A pocketguide through heartache.

JUST FOR TODAY - however shitty and dismal today is for you, you can accept it. You have no choice so - just for today - tell yourself,
“Just for today I accept……..?” whatever is going on for you.

JUST FOR TODAY you are letting yourself off from reacting and stressing because - just for today - you can sit, wallow, cry, and be ok with how it all is now.

JUST FOR TODAY allow the pain to be how it is because - just for today - everything is OK for you exactly how it is now.

If you repeat this affirmation at least 100 times per day, you can lower any of your anxieties.

Here are some examples:

“JUST FOR TODAY I allow her to be with my ex and I accept this.

“JUST FOR TODAY I will allow this unbearable grief”

“JUST FOR TODAY I will let go of this lover”.

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Sending peace, love and happiness to your soul.


Mind chatter

From the book - The Secret Guide A-Z Self-Help

Mind chatter is the inner voice we all have. Sometimes it helps us but it can also be our worst enemy when it repeats manifested negative thoughts.
A manifested negative thought is our inner critic repeating our insecurities or fears.   
In ‘The Secret Guide A-Z Self-Help’ you can:

Learn how to train your thoughts to be peaceful.
Learn how to stop and look at the thought instead of letting it manifest.
Learn how you can regain control of your reaction, and control your thoughts.

I have developed the STOP, LOOK, LISTEN technique.

STOP when the thought enters your head.
LOOK at the thought - without judgment- and acknowledge that you are having these thoughts.
LISTEN to the right answer.
Every time you have a manifested negative thought, learn to say:

“I choose to forgive this thought”
“I choose to accept this thought”
“I choose to let go of this thought”

If you practice these lines and use them with every sabotaging thought that pops into your head, you can stop the cycle of negative thoughts and move on.

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Sending peace, love and happiness to your soul.

Finding the right partner

From the book - Find yourself first.

    When you meet someone that you're attracted to, ask yourself, "do they match up to my vision of what I would like my partner to be?" 

Out of ten, how close are they to your vision?

If they don’t match or are below a six, you will probably find it easier to walk away from that person, as they aren’t really what you want. You don’t have to give up on your vision either, just because it isn’t in front of you. If you know what you want, it’s worth waiting for. At some point you will get it.

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Sending peace, love and happiness to your soul.


You've probably met me before

From the book - The Secret Guide A-Z

You've probably met me before, my name is 'Insecurity', you can find me anywhere; in someone's face, personality, spots, weight, hair, walk, health, brain, accent, smell, everyone knows me, I'm everywhere. 
To be honest I have far too much work cut out, making people insecure all over the place, they don't understand
how busy I am. They just keep on calling me back. 
Some people actually get so greedy for me, they work themselves up into a proper frenzy and freak out! 
Wow, just to know I have this effect on people gives me such
a warm feeling inside, that's why I'm on call 24/ 7, the slightest sniffle of an insecurity cropping up in someone's brain, rings my alarm bells and I'm there in less than a second. You could say that I'm even faster than Superman and more powerful than any super hero in the world, because I know exactly how to get into my fan's heads. 
They all want me, what can I say?” What can you say? 
The worst part is, that when you think you’ve conquered one thing and accustomed your brain to learn to deal with ‘insecurity’, something else will crop up and bite you on the ass! 
We all have insecurities from time to time, and some more than others. Unfortunately, they crop up the most when you’re usually at some low point in life, such as a break up or life crisis. Insecurity likes viscous circles, in fact, insecurity loves going around these circles. 
The idea here is to face what insecurities you have, by looking at where it comes from, and changing your view about it, so that you’re not creating this cycle, which in turn, feeds the blighter! 
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Smile at that stranger, because that stranger is yourself.

If you could speak with your older self, would your older self be happy with your current actions? 

Your older self is the wiser one, so they say. But what if you don’t ever truly know yourself? What if you don’t know how to know yourself?

To know thy self, one must spend time with the ‘self’. 

No time alone, no knowing one’s self. 

If you struggle spending time with yourself, what does this tell you? There’s a message in there somewhere. Usually it is telling you that being alone is so alien to you that your inner ‘self’ is scared to do so. Like the child’s first day at nursery, nothing to fear but everything to doubt. 

Your ‘self’ really needs you to spend more quality solo time, no tv, just you and your self. 

Practice makes you catch up with your elder self. And that elder self is a wise soul. 

Wise souls find peaceful lives.

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#selfhelp #heal #positivequotes #selfcare#anxiety #selflove 
#selfcarethreads #mentalhealth #love #inspiration 
#FF #l4l #tagforlikes #followback
#girlnextdoorbooks #nonfiction#thesecretguide
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#attachment #me #bestoftheday #instadaily #picoftheday