Vision  - To be a friend for every difficult experience you go through in life, through our books. 

Mission - To offer A-Z support hubs across the globe

“In your darkest days and sleepless nights, let these pages send peace to your heart”. 

 Dear readers,

I'm not great at talking about myself, but here goes. I, just like you, go through life's ups and downs. Life can throw you off course sometimes, even leave you completely and utterly floored. And this is also where I have been too. I've had a very colourful life, some would say, with its extreme twists and turns. But without any of this, I could not write, I could not work out the most wholesome answers for you and I, and write them down for you. So, I feel that my extreme ups and downs have been experienced, to give me purpose, purpose to create books to heal you.

And this is how 'girlnextdoorbooks' was born.

My passion is to create something healing out of something heartbreaking.

As people produce beautiful art and music, out of their intense feelings, I create self-help books out of mine.

I have been working within the field of mental health for over a decade now. As well as this I have developed and delivered programmes and workshops on mental health, mindfulness, employment and many topics of emotion, such as heartache, Anxiety and jealousy. 

No one should suffer alone.

I wish you love and peace  in your life, always xxx